When you live at UCU, all of your food expenses are covered in your room and board costs. This means that you are provided two cooked meals a day, lunch and dinner, but there is always food around whether you're hungry in the middle of the night or in the afternoon when you get back from class. Our wonderful cooks, Alli and Makalee, have been treating UCU residents to their fine cuisine for years, so dinner is always a real treat. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At UCU, you have several options for breakfast, but all of them are prepared by you. Whether it's cereal, eggs and toast, Alli's homemade granola, or just a cup of orange juice, the world is your oyster.


Lunch is served Monday through Friday at 11:30am and 12:30pm. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come back to UCU during these times, you can make yourself a sack lunch with sandwich fixings, fruit, and homemade cookies. Common lunches that we have include burritos, breakfast for lunch, paninis, hamburgers, with soup, chips, and/or fruit.


Dinner is served Monday through Friday at 5:30pm.  Alli and Makalee prepare meals for us including lasagna, teriyaki, baked chicken, with homemade bread, salad, and dessert.  If you can’t make it to dinner, sign up for a “Save” and your meal will be set aside for you.


On Sunday, lunch is served at 1pm. The rest of the weekend is up to you, but don’t worry! UCU has frozen meals, sandwich fixings, pancake mix, fruit, and leftovers to keep you satisfied until Monday.

When you live at UCU, going hungry is not a concern! Between meals there are always plenty of snacks around.

Dietary Restrictions

Inidivudals with dietary restrictions should expect to prepare their own meals. However, if an easy modification can be made, our cook tries to do so.