Alumni Board

UCU is led by both student and alumni officers. This helps to ensure that the needs of the houses are adequately met.  Student officers are elected by the current residents of UCU.  See who the student officers are on the Houses page.  The following are the current alumni officers.

  • President

    Matt McClenny
  • Men's House Admissions

    Loren Steinhauer
  • Women's House Admissions

    Joan McClenny
  • Treasurer

    Marsha Baklund
  • Secretary

    Dale Quigg
  • Accounts Receivable

    Jim Cashdollar
  • Accounts Payable

    Jason Haggard
  • Men's House Manager

    Chris Brumfield
  • Women's House Manager

    Alison Sprague
  • Bible Study Coordinator

    Loren Steinhauer